Monday, August 28, 2017

National day of Imperfections

Being an avid rubberstamper, I am always in search of a new challenge to motivate my creativity. Recently on one of my favorite websites Splitcoaststampers, the challenge was to make up a national day for something and make a card in honor of it. I recently purchased this great sentiment "This card is handmade and perfectly imperfect." It just seems to speak for me. Although I love being creative mixing colors of inks and making patterns and textures with the use of stamps, stencils, and inks, I never seem to create anything perfectly without a smudge here or there in the wrong place, or things not quite turning out as I had envisioned them in my brain. I have just learned to accept that in my art. I have come to embrace the idea that imperfections are what determines the places for embellishments.

My life is much like my art, so imperfect in so many ways. I hold to the fact that God is not finished with me yet. And my imperfections remind me that I can do nothing alone without the guidience and strength of my heavenly Father. He is always refining me; I just need to be still, listen, and be obedient.

As I write this, we are in the midst of Hurricane Harvey, and life is far from perfect and ideal. But again, I am reminded of just how great God's love is for me. The stuff of our lives too often become our priorities, but situations like this remind us of the real things of importance. Suddenly I become less offended by attitudes and opinions, and when souls are hurting and in despair, it is a game changer. There are plenty of hurting and imperfect people of our world, even without the physical storms of this life. Perhaps it is time to let loving them, accepting them, and  tending to them be our top priority. It is time to admit our own imperfections, and accept the imperfections of others, and let love be the source that fuels us.

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