Thursday, May 1, 2014

Loving my new PowerPoppy images

Just had to share some of the great cards I have made using the new digital images from PowerPoppy.
I have never been too eager with doing digitals because of my weak computer skills. But, I have to say PowerPoppy has made it easy, and I haven't experienced a problem yet. I can not say that about other digitals I have ordered elsewhere. I have downloaded some and never found them again on my computer. Then I feel I have wasted my money. But I have to say that these little jewels are a steal for the price and what fun it is to resize and print on whatever paper you would like. I have always been a huge fan of Marcella Hawley's artwork. Her florals are amazing and although I have never had much luck in gardening, I feel like my paper garden is in full bloom with all of the images I have from her. Marcella and her dynamic design team have done one outstanding job this month. They are off and running and here's to their continuing success.

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Leslie Miller said...

Good heavens, Liz, you've done so much with these already and all so beautiful! It takes me so long for each one. I'm such a slow poke! Gorgeous cards, and I'm glad you had an easy time with the digis.