Monday, June 25, 2012


I have a wonderful, talented sister, Lynn, who every weekend dreams up some fabulous 10 Minute wonder to use as her 10 minute challenge card for the week. She doesn't just do one card. She comes up with 4 fabulous cards for each of these designs. She is amazing. She is also the one that  brought me into this world of stamping. Although I will never reach the heigths of her talents, I know I have as much fun stamping as she does, and that's where it is for me. She is also the master of the Kitchen Sink multi-layered stamps, which are truly a unique way to get a photographic quality of these fabulous images.  I hope you will visit Lynn's blog at least every Monday to see what the challenge is for the week. You can find it here. This is my card done with the beautiful rose set from Kitchen sink. Even the sentiment is included with that set. The cardbase is actually pink although it may appear white in this photo.


Melina said...

Very elegant...beautiful :)

MiamiKel said...

Super beautiful!

Lynn McAuley said...

I am so blessed to have a sister who shares my stamping passion. Although I may have gotten you into stamping, you are the one who has exposed us to the cyber stamping world and gotten us to where we are today! And that is a truly amazing place to be! My love and thanks to you, dear sister.

Thanks, too, for creating this gorgeous card for the 10 minute KSS challenge using my favorite stamp!! It is beautiful!