Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 minute card for KSS challenge

My wonderful sister, Lynn is such a wiz with those Kitchen Sink Stamps and hosts the 10 minute challenge over on their site. I however am not a wiz and cannot do any of the layering in 10 minutes, but KSS sends these adorable little stamps along with their orders that I find I can do in 10 minutes. I'm using up some scraps around my stamproom for this one. I am still trying daily to keep up with my new year's resolution to make a card using only scraps from the scrap pile. I have to confess not every daily card has used scraps on the entire card, but I have managed to use at least a piece or two from the piles. I even have already cut and scored card base pieces in one drawer. I hate to say I have not seen a huge difference in the size of the piles, but I keep trying!! LOL It's another hot, steamy day in Texas (expected to hit triple figures today) and a perfect day to stay in the airconditioning and stamp and working on those piles to deplete!! 


Lynn McAuley said...

Love your adorable Thank Whooo owl! Wonderful bright colors and patterns on your delightful 10 Minute Torn Paper design!!

Thank you so much for playing along in my challenge this week and all you sweet words of encouragement!! You're the best!!

Leslie Miller said...

I can't to anything stamping related in 10 minutes, so don't feel too alone in that respect. However, you made a darling card, and I'm feeling inspired by your resolve to use your scraps. I really need to keep that in mind, but I have SO many scraps!