Saturday, November 3, 2007

I have made up my mind that after this school year I will be retiring from teaching in public schools. This is my 29th year of teaching and I decided it was time to do some other things I have always wanted to do. Now that Stampin' Up has changed their policy on placing handmade cards made with their products in established businesses, I would love to explore that avenue.
I have always wanted to live the life of an artist, but knew it might not pay the bills, but now with retirement it might be something I would get to try! I also would love to do what I love and share what I love with others, so I might be able to build up my Stampin' Up business as well.
I hope I will have more time to devote to learning more about blogging and getting to meet more of my stamping friends that are out there in cyberland!!! I've gotten my sales tax number and my business name is going to be Right Brain Madness as well. So, I hope to move from being kindergarten teacher to rubber stamp and paper craft artist (fulltime)!!! Instead of paying therapists.....I buy rubber!!!KWIM???

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Stampin' Meg said...

Good for you- sounds like an excellent plan!